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La Partnership Eximia & TexTrace

TexTrace ed Eximia partner nella perfetta soluzione mobile avanzata «eBrand» per la protezione del marchio nella moda

— La soluzione completa eBrand unisce il meglio dell’RFID alle tecnologie mobili per la protezione da contraffazione e mercato grigio —

Frick, Svizzera — 15 aprile 2016 — TexTrace AG, pioniera nella tecnologia avanzata per l’industria dell’abbigliamento, ha creato una...
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Autenticazione prodotti Vivienne Westwood

Autenticazione prodotti Vivienne Westwood da parte di TexTrace

Vivienne Westwood sceglie le etichette tessute RFID di TexTrace per proteggere il valore del proprio marchio. La grande Vivienne Westwood si è ribellata ai tradizionali standard della moda introducendo nelle tendenze dominanti il punk moderno e la moda new wave. Oggi Vivienne Westwood riveste un ruolo guida nell’industria della...
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L’App per dispositivi Android/iOS

L’applicazione Mobile eBrand per telefonini android e iOS viene rilasciata specificatamente per ogni singola casa di moda. L’applicazione è in grado di leggere il tag RFid delle etichette attraverso smatphones con lettore RFid integrato e tramite lettori RFid Buetooth connessi al dispositivo. L’App comunica con l’Authentication server al fine di eseguire il processo di verifica....
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TexTrace & eBrand @ Rfid Journal LIVE – ORLANDO, Florida

TexTrace Unveils New Woven RFID Brand Label with Impinj Monza R6-P at RFID Journal LIVE

— Brand label featuring latest RAIN RFID technology to offer ultimate real-time performance in a smaller tag size —

ORLANDO, Florida — May 2, 2016 — TexTrace AG, a pioneer in advanced technology for the apparel industry, announced the expansion of its family of high- performance, woven radio frequency identification (RAIN RFID) brand labels. These offer unprecedented real-time inventory visibility even for smaller, delicate items.

The new TexTrace woven RFID brand label features the latest generation Impinj Monza R6-P RAIN RFID technology, Gen2 V2 compliant, for maximum performance and security in a smaller tag size. This enables labels as small as 17x50mm for items such as intimate apparel or accessories. Offering a 40 percent longer read range, the latest TexTrace brand labels provide superior real-time inventory management capabilities for faster replenishment, reduced out-of-stocks, easy product search and reliable loss prevention.

The new RFID brand label is not only smaller, it also adapts to regional RAIN RFID frequencies worldwide, thanks to a new antenna design plus Monza R6-P’s revolutionary ‘AutoTune’ feature. With one global tag that fits all regions, labeled items can be shipped from any manufacturing site to any region, permitting simpler workflow processes and faster, easier shipping.
“Security, performance and peace of mind is built into every item with TexTrace’s RAIN RFID-enabled woven brand label, eliminating the need for bulky

Information Contact

Sybille Korrodi Head of Marketing & Business Development TexTrace +41 62 865 51 30
EAS tags on all sizes and types of garments,” said Sybille Korrodi, Head of Marketing and Business Development, TexTrace. “On top, we enable seamless product returns and prevent return fraud with stolen as well as fake items.”
“TexTrace’s innovative RAIN RFID labels feature Impinj Monza R6-P chips and pave the way for retailers to tag smaller clothing items,” said Craig Cotton, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Impinj. “The new label provides the high-performance and discreet size required for real-time inventory monitoring and loss prevention.”
To experience a live, real-time demo of the latest TexTrace woven RFID brand label, visit Impinj Booth # 504 and TexTrace Booth #1013 at the RFID Journal LIVE! 2016 conference and exhibition this week, May 3-5 in Orlando, Florida.
For more information on how to protect your valuable brand and boost omni- channel efficiency with real-time inventory management, or to request product samples, visit

About TexTrace

TexTrace, the leader in textile RAIN RFID technology, designs and manufactures woven RFID brand labels to match the look and feel of your brand. Consulting and services complete our offering – you can count on our full support in realizing your RFID vision. Our know-how in integrating electronics into textile is unique, with our leading proprietary technology protected by more than ten patents and trademarks. Brand labels with built-in RAIN RFID are an all-in-one solution for product branding, brand and theft protection, customer experience and omni- channel retailing. For more information, visit
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